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Winemaking at Valhalla

Our winemaking follows traditional methods using techniques such as hand plunging, basket pressing, minimal fining and filtration. We use small batch fermentation to achieve layers of complexity, helped with careful oak selection and no blending until the end of maturation, to keep each parcel of grapes individual.

Winemaking began in 2005 with Anton utilising some space at Cofield’s winery to make his first 5 tonne of Shiraz. We used our own barrels and tanks and were grateful for the loan of other equipment in order to make our first release.

2006 saw an increase in production and also in the range of varieties. We made a Shiraz, Marsanne, Grenache and Mourvedre for our red blend and a thimbleful of base wine for a sparkling Shiraz.
In 2007 we started production on site at Valhalla Wines in our custom build straw bale winery. Each year since then our tonnage has risen to 30-35 tonne, depending on the season. We have also increased our range of grape varieties to include Viognier and Roussanne in the whites and Durif and most recently Cinsault, to add another layer of complexity to our GSM blend.

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