old – straw bale winery

Our Straw Bale Winery

The winery walls are constructed from load bearing, metre thick, jumbo straw bales. The winery has been designed using passive solar principles, with double glazed windows and night flush fans to keep temperature even throughout the year for the best maturation of the wines. This helps achieve excellent differentials between outside and inside the winery during the peaks of summer and winter.

Rainwater from our roof area is captured in storage tanks (130,000 litre capacity) and this water is then used throughout the winery. All water used in the cellar door and the toilets is transferred into the worm farm system which breaks the waste down to liquid fertiliser for underground use in the orchard. Winery waste water goes into a settling system prior to use in the making of our compost and dispersal over an eight acre native tree plantation.

Certified Green Energy is used to power the winery with all staff encouraged to reduce the winery’s use of power. Efforts range from using a broom before the hose or blower for cleaning, right through to using gravity during the winemaking process to reduce pumping of the wine.

Our straw bale winery was constructed in 2007 and we chose this building material for a number of reasons. It fits in well with our focus on sustainability with a material that is renewable and clean and the insulation properties of straw bales are exceptional.

We have found over the past few years that we have minimal need for additional heating or cooling within the winery, as the straw bale insulation maintains an even temperature throughout the year. Oh, and in addition, the finished walls look great!
See www.glassford.com.au for more photos of our winery and information on straw bale construction.