old – our pilosophy

Our Philosophy

Valhalla Wines is a passionate boutique wine producer in Rutherglen, North East Victoria who creates handcrafted, premium wines. We are a family business committed to producing small quantities of wines in an environmentally sustainable way, which are full of character. We use old-world traditional winemaking techniques, supported by some newer technology to ensure the best transfer of flavours from the vine to the bottle. Our sustainable vineyard practices encourage and promote biological activity without the use of chemicals, which delivers the depth of flavours we require in our fruit.

Our philosophy of environmental sustainability is driven by our personal beliefs as well as our observations of our vineyard and whole property. We have developed an understanding that soil is not merely a substrate but a living microcosm incorporating the plant structures, nutrients, living microbes and organic humus that occur in all of nature.  We recognise that our children will be accepting the decisions we make today.

These philosophies are leading us toward organic principles in our vineyard using sustainable agricultural practices. These include use of cover crops in the inter-row area to reduce erosion and compaction of the soil. The cover crops also provide a haven for predatory insects that help reduce the attacking vine predators, and finally when slashed they provide organic carbon and humus as they break down. Our beautiful geese free range through the vineyard assisting with weed and pest management. We reuse all organic material from our property – skins and stalks from the winery & prunings from the vineyard into compost.

Water is a precious resource and we use as little as possible in the winery. The wastewater from the cellar door and toilets goes through a worm farm prior to irrigating our small orchard and the winery wastewater is settled and then re-used over a native tree corridor that we have planted on the property.

We also apply these sustainable philosophies to the manufacturing and marketing areas of our business. We use wine boxes and bags made from recycled cardboard. Newsletters, stationary and our wine labels use recycled paper where possible. Our aim is to achieve minimal waste from our business at all stages of production.