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Holistic Farming

New lambs July 2013
As part of our holistic vision for our farm, we use the land in many ways. Monocultures are not in the plan at Valhalla, with biodiversity an aim in all facets of what we do. The vineyard is only one aspect of the overall plan with pasture, cropping, green manure, orchards, native tree plantation, geese, goats, chooks and ducks all part of the expression of the land.

We view holistic farm management as a system of managing resources that builds diversity, improves production, enhances sustainability and improves the quality of life for those who use it.  We see it as making decisions based on sound economic and environmental foundations, which delivers both short and long-term gains.

Valhalla approaches its business so there is an emphasis on the ‘whole health’ of its farming system, with an emphasis on the balance of each individual aspect as well as the relationship between all parts. Each individual aspect on the farm should enhance, improve and benefit the health and well being of two or more areas and be more beneficial to the whole system than detract from it.